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Give your passengers the freedom to stream, scroll, and stay connected

Viasat's end-to-end technology integration allows Viasat to optimize the connectivity pipeline from end-to-end, delivering a game-changing in-flight connectivity service that mirrors the experience consumers have on the ground.

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Capacity to support evolving needs

Viasat's owned satellite approach and in-flight technology provide unmatched bandwidth economics, allowing us to deliver more capacity to every aircraft and unlock new opportunities to evolve connectivity business models, enhance media offerings, advance advertising strategies, and optimize flight operations.

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IFC’s highest-capacity network goes global

Viasat’s network of Ka-band satellites deliver unprecedented capacity to commercial airlines


Viasat’s global constellation, ViaSat-3, will take our game-changing capacity global, with three satellites each delivering more than 1TB of capacity. When you choose Viasat, you are using a network that can scale to your needs and passenger demands, now and for many years to come.

Experience capacity unleashed

How does Viasat provide connectivity that meets the big demands of today's world on the move? It's all about delivering capacity when and where it's needed most. Take a closer look with Viasat's interactive application, Capacity Unleashed.

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Forward-compatible hardware solutions

Viasat’s hardware technology is built for today and ready for tomorrow. Our in-flight connectivity terminals are forward compatible to support future generations of Viasat satellites, keeping you online with the best available connectivity and in-flight systems.

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Product image of the Ka Global Aero Terminal 5520
Ka Solution

Capable of delivering industry-leading data speeds to commercial aircraft, this fuselage-mounted antenna delivers award-winning in-flight connectivity on Viasat’s high-capacity Ka-band network. 

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Hybrid Ku/Ka Solution

Dynamically switching across Ku- and Ka-band satellite networks while in-flight, our hybrid terminal delivers advanced global roaming for commercial airlines with minimal service interuption.  

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